Waterproof Phone Covers

Waterproof Smartphone cases generally come in two different forms. Either a lightweight silicon / plastic covers or more bulky rubber / plastic cases. You should choose the type that is most appropriate for you.


If you’re trying to protect against the odd splash or being out in the rain then the lightweight covers should be sufficient, however if you’re looking to take your phone swimming, surfing or into somewhere where it will have prolonged esposure to water then you should be looking at the more bulky cases. Generally these bigger cases provide better protection against water as well as dust and impacts that can equally harm your phone.

When buying a waterproof cover the main aspects to consider are:

  1. How much contact is the phone going to have with water i.e. do you want protection from accidental spills or want the ability to take your phone swimming?
  2. Do you want to be able to listen to music while keeping it waterproof? – Some phones now have waterproof heaphones and headphone jack.
  3. How bulky a case do you want?
  4. Finally and most importantly make sure you get a cover that’s appropriate for your phone

What is the best waterproof case?

There are hundreds of cases out there so it’s hard for us to say which waterproof case is best but some cases we recommend are:


If you’re looking for a case for occasional use when going swimming, snorkelling or to the beach we would recommend the Aquapac Mini Electronics Case. You can pick it up for $20-$30 and it does what it says on the tin.

It’s a lightweight waterproof case that not only protects the phone from water damage but also allows you to use the phone while in the case. It’s even designed to allow your phone camera to work underwater.

The only downside for some people is that although the case offers water protection due to being lightweight it won’t protect against impact like some of the more rugged cases.

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For those who are more active and wish to have a case that they can take swimming, surfing or while doing other active water sports we recommend once of Aquapac’s other products the Aquapac Large Armband Waterproof Case, this is similar to the mini electronics case but also has an armband enabling you to strap the phone to your body.

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For those who need something more heavy duty the Otterbox Waterproof Cases is recommended. Although this is not a phone case it will protect your phone from the most extreme conditions. It’s waterproof and crush proof, can handle submerssion up to 100feet, and comes with a lanyard so you can keep it round your neck at all times. The only downside is you will have to take the phone out of the box to use it but you can also put your credit cards and cash in the box.

This is the ultimate phone protection for those who need their phones to withstand the most extreme conditions.